Summary of environment variables

Environment variables control how CICS® Transaction Gateway functions.

The table provides further details about the fields in the configuration file, see Configuring Gateway daemon settingsConfiguring.
Table 1. Environment variables
Environment variable Description
AUTH_USERID_PASSWORD Specifies whether the user ID and password is authenticated with RACF.


Specifies whether or not all processes involved in starting the Gateway daemon run in a single address space.


Specifies the job name of the TCP/IP stack to be used by the Gateway daemon.
CICSCLI Specifies a runtime path and file name for the configuration file, ctg.ini, used in remote mode.
COLUMNS Specifies the maximum line-length for messages output to the console when the CICS Transaction Gateway is started.


Specifies whether or not EXCI is loaded. If this variable is set to YES, EXCI is loaded.
CTG_JNI_TRACE Sets the name of the JNI trace file.
CTG_JNI_TRACE_ON Specifies whether or not JNI trace is enabled.
CTG_MIXEDCASE_PW Specifies whether or not mixed-case passwords are authenticated.
CTG_PIPE_REUSE Specifies whether all allocated EXCI pipes are reused by CICS Transaction Gateway, or only a maximum of one is reused per worker thread.
CTG_RRMNAME Specifies the name of the resource manager managing this instance of the CICS Transaction Gateway.
CTG_SWAPPABLE Specifies whether the address space where CICS Transaction Gateway runs is swappable or nonswappable.
CTG_WIDTH Specifies the maximum width of the STDENV script output.
CTG_XA_MAX_TRAN Set this environment variable to limit the maximum number of concurrent XA transactions that can use the EXCI protocol in a Gateway daemon.
CTGENVVAR Specifies the fully qualified location of a "ctgenvvar" script to be invoked by ctgstart.
CTGSTART_OPTS Specifies options that are too long for inclusion in the JCL step.
CTGSTART_UMASK Specifies the umask setting for the Gateway daemon.
DFHJVPIPE Specifies the name of the specific pipe that CICS Transaction Gateway uses for EXCI calls.
DFHJVSYSTEM_nn Specifies the name and description of an EXCI connected CICS server to be returned in response to a request for the CICS_EciListSystems function.
PATH Specifies the path in zFS containing the runtime resources necessary to run ctgstart.
STEPLIB Specifies the library containing the default EXCI options and the EXCI load modules.
TMPDIR Specifies a temporary directory other than /tmp.
TZ Specify the local time zone and daylight saving time.