SMF header data structure

The format of the header for the SMF record for type 111 records is fixed and is common to SMF records from other CICS® products. The Gateway daemon completes the following fields that are marked with "*". The SMF subsystem fills in the rest of the fields. User applications are not required to complete any SMF fields.

The entire data structure is initialized to binary zeros before setting any fields. All fields that are not filled have the default value of zero.

Table 1. SMF header data structure
Field name Type Offset Length (bytes) Description Default value
SMF111_LEN* Integer 0 2 Record length. 32756 is the maximum.
SMF111_SEG Integer 2 2 Segment descriptor. NULL.
SMF111_FLG* Bit field 4 1 Operating system indicator. The Gateway daemon sets this value to 0xC0 to indicate that the CICS TG record supports triplets. 0xC0
SMF111_RTY* Integer 5 1 Record type. 0x6F (111 reserved for CICS TG).
SMF111_TIME Integer 6 4 Time Record moved to SMF (100ths of a second). Filled in by SMF.
SMF111_SDTE Packed 10 4 Date moved to SMF. PL4 Julian format. (OCYYDDD+). Filled in by SMF.
SMF111_SID Char 14 4 System identification. Filled in by SMF.
SMF111_SSI* Char 18 4 Subsystem identification. CTGZ
SMF111_STY* Integer 22 2 Record subtype. CICS Transaction Gateway uses only one subtype. This value is always zero. 0x0000
SMF111_TRN* Integer 24 2 Number of triplets. 2
    26 2 Reserved.  
SMF111_APS* Integer 28 4 Offset to product section.  
SMF111_LPS* Integer 32 2 Length of product section. Size of this structure.
SMF111_NPS* Integer 34 2 Number of product sections. 1
SMF111_ASS* Integer 36 4 Offset to DATA section.  
SMF111_ASL* Integer 40 2 Length of DATA section. The total length of all the CICS TG records included in the data section.
SMF111_ASN* Integer 42 2 Number of DATA sections. 1