SMF viewer sample program

The SMF viewer sample program is written in C and can be found in the library member SCTGSAMP(CTGSMFRD).

The CTGSMFRD sample program demonstrates the formatting and basic filtering of statistics information written to SMF by CICS® Transaction Gateway. The sample program can read and format combinations of SMF records that have been generated by any release of CICS Transaction Gateway from V7.1 or later. The sample program requires the SMF records to have been extracted into a data set by the IFASMFDP utility.

Sample JCL job SCTGSAMP(CTGSMFB) is provided to build and link the sample. Sample JCL job SCTGSAMP(CTGSMFR) is provided to run the sample program CTGSMFRD. Instructions are provided in each sample JCL job explaining the customizations required.