COBOL samples

These samples are for running on a CICS® server.

To run the sample programs, the correct server programs and transactions must be built and available on your CICS server. These samples are in <install_path>/samples/server.

This sample returns the current date and time in its COMMAREA.
This sample returns the number of times it has been run in a unit of work in its COMMAREA.
This sample receives CHAR container INPUTDATA and performs CICS GET CONTAINER commands to return the contents, length and CCSID of the container. This program returns the length in a BIT container and the CCSID in a CHAR container, plus the date and time on the CICS server and a message containing the input data or a failure message.
This sample returns the following data in the COMMAREA:
  • Date and timestamp
  • CICS APPLID of the region where this program was run
  • CICS platform (e.g. CICS TS, IBM® TXSeries®)
  • Version and release of CICS
  • CICS USERID that the mirror used when it ran (e.g. CICSUSER)
  • CICS mirror used (e.g. CPMI, CSMI)
  • CICS transid used
  • CICS protocol used (e.g. IPIC, SNA)
This sample can be called from the Java EciB2 sample.

For information about how to build and install these programs, refer to your CICS server documentation.