Gateway daemon fails to shut down

During the initiation phase of a normal shutdown, some calls and requests prevent the shutdown from completing.


The Gateway daemon fails to shut down normally (quiesce) or fails to shut down in the expected time.

Probable cause

Outstanding logical units of work from ECI or EPI requests that are waiting to complete, prevent the Gateway daemon from quiescing.


Wait for the API calls to complete. The following API calls do not block a normal shutdown of CICS® Transaction Gateway:
  • EPI_GET_EVENT and waitState is EPI_WAIT (an EPIRequest.getEvent call that has its second parameter set to EPI_WAIT causes the request object to wait for events)

If there are any active applications or tasks in wait state in CICS, you must investigate these. For example, to query a CICS task that is in wait state, use the CEMT INQ TASK command. For more information about tasks that are in wait state see the CICS Transaction Server Library.see the CICS Transaction Server Library at:

If normal shutdown fails you can promote this to an immediate shutdown.

For more information about normal shutdown see Stopping the CICS Transaction Gateway.