Tooling and product integration

CICS® Transaction Gateway is closely integrated with tools for application development and system monitoring.

  • IBM® Rational® Application Developer provides a J2C toolkit. The toolkit enables you to generate code for use with the CICS Transaction Gateway ECI resource adapter that JEE applications use when accessing CICS programs.
  • IBM CICS Explorer® provides access to CICS Transaction Gateway runtime statistics along with information from other CICS environments. The information is displayed in integrated views that can be customized.
  • IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON® automatically detects and provides alerts if critical transactions are not completed.
  • IBM CICS Performance Analyzer provides statistics alert reporting. You can define conditions, in terms of CICS Transaction Gateway statistics values, that interest you. You can then use those conditions to report on statistics stored in SMF records.
  • IBM Tivoli System Automation for IBM z/OS® enables alerts to be generated based on CICS Transaction Gateway messages written to the IBM z/OS console. For more information see System automation messages.
  • IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager can use CICS Transaction Gateway request monitoring exits to obtain performance information, and to analyze composite transactions occurring between a JEE application server and CICS.