CTG8687E Unauthorised Switch_Context failed CTXSWCH Return code RC= rc LUW( luw token ) Context switch to( new context ) from( old context ) Call_Type = call type Extend_Mode = mode


An RRS context switch for a non-XA transaction has failed. The context switch failure will occur if the target RRS context is already in use by another worker thread. The CTXSWCH return code is given as a hexadecimal value and can be found in "MVS Programming: Resource Recovery" (SA22-7616).

System action

The Gateway daemon will continue to process requests.

User response

Check the CICS® TG log for further RRS-related error messages that might indicate a problem with the RRS registration. The target CICS region might show mirror transactions waiting on resource type RRMSEXIT. Restarting the Gateway daemon should allow any such mirror transactions to end. If no obvious RRS registration errors are found, gather any CICS TG logs, traces, dumps and RRS errors and contact IBM Software Support.