CTG6818E Begin Context failed with RRM return code = rc


The call to Begin Context (ctxbegc) failed with the specified return code. The return code is in hexadecimal.

System action

A system error is returned on the associated ECI request.

User response

Refer to the z/OS MVS Programming: Resource Recovery book, for details of the return code and any corrective action which should be taken. A common failing return code is: 756 - CTX_AUTH_FAILURE - The resource manager is PKM 8-15 problem state and specified a resource manager token that does not belong to a PKM 8-15 problem state resource manager registered in the home address space. This might indicate that the CICS® TG was unable to register correctly to RRMS. Look for a CTG6806E or CTG9202E message at startup for further details the registration error.