CTG6808E Authorize user ID/password with RACF for User ID = userid has return code = rc , errno = error number , errno2 = reason code


If a zero length password is given then the return code is -2, otherwise this displays the return code from the __passwd call used to authenticate the user ID and password. If the return code is not zero then errno and errno2 were set by the call.

System action

If the return code is non-zero, a return code of ECI_SECURITY_ERROR will be returned to the application.

User response

If the return code is non-zero, refer to the C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference book, and refer to the section describing the __passwd() call. More detail on the reason code can be found in the UNIX System Services Messages and Codes book. Typical return codes: 111 - EACCES - The password was not authorized. 121 - EINVAL - The user ID or password was invalid. 143 - ESRCH - The user ID was unknown or not defined to the kernel. 157 - EMVSERR - The __passwd is not supported in an address space where a load was done from an uncontrolled library. 163 - EMVSSAFEXTRERR - The user ID access has been revoked. 164 - EMVSSAF2ERR - Internal processing error. 168 - EMVSEXPIRE - The password has expired. 169 - EMVSPASSWORD - The new password was not valid, or did not meet the installation-exit requirements.