CTG6317E An XA forget request failed because of an authorization error in RRS function call RRS function to system System Name on logging group Logging Group


A request to forget a unit of work failed because the user ID the Gateway daemon is running under does not have sufficient RACF permissions to issue call RRS function to System Name System Name Logging Group Logging Group . The user ID that the Gateway daemon runs under requires ALTER access to either the MVSADMIN.RRS.COMMANDS.gname.sysname resource or the MVSADMIN.RRS.COMMANDS resource in the FACILITY class.

System action

The UR is not forgotten. This message is logged. The Gateway daemon continues.

User response

Refer to the product documentation for the required privileges for XA support. Modify the RACF security manager to provide the required level of privileges and restart the Gateway daemon. The UR may be left in an incomplete state and need to be manually resolved.