CTG6312E An XA roll back request failed due to an error in RRS function call RRS function call to system System name (RRS rc = RRS return code RRS reason=0x RRS reason code CTGRRMS rc= CTGRRMS return code )


The Gateway daemon is unable to roll back a unit of recovery on system System name because a RRMS function call RRS function call failed. The system specified represents the LPAR to which the request was directed and corresponds to 'System Name' in the RRS ISPF panels. The RRS return and reason code correspond to those defined in the 'MVS Resource Recovery Programming' manual for the function specified. CTGRRMS return code is intended for the use of IBM support representatives only.

System action

This message is issued, an XA heuristic error is returned to the application server and the Gateway daemon continues. The unit of recovery is not backed out.

User response

Resolve the RRS error and restart the Gateway daemon. The unit of recovery might need to be resolved manually.