CTG0812W CTGBATCH Runtime env env-var is not set


CTGBATCH diagnostic checks have found that a significant environment variable has not been set.

System action

CTGBATCH continues.

User response

Check whether or not the listed variable should be set in the STDENV data. It will be one of the following: - PATH should at least include "/bin" for base USS system commands and "<Java path>/bin" for the JVM startup script "java". - CICSCLI should specify the path to the "ctg.ini" file to be used by this Gateway daemon. If omitted, the Gateway daemon will attempt to find "ctg.ini" in the product "bin" directory. - TMPDIR should typically be set to "/tmp"; however, if /tmp is prone to becoming full - then it is advisable to specify a writable path which is dedicated to Gateway daemon usage. The ctgstart script utilizes fundamental USS commands which depend on the TMPDIR path having free space and being writable. - _BPX_SHAREAS should be set to YES when CTGBATCH is being used to launch the Gateway daemon. This will ensure that the Gateway daemon and CTGBATCH will run in the same address space if at all possible. - TZ should be set to reflect the local timezone and daylight saving time. The setting should usually reflect the setting of TZ in /etc/profile. The full format is : TZ= standardHH[:MM[:SS]] [daylight[HH[:MM[:SS:]]] [,startdate[/starttime],enddate[/endtime]] ] An example for UK could be TZ=GMT0BST,M3.5.0,M10.4.0 or for US Eastern could be TZ=EST5EDT. For further information refer to the z/OS UNIX System Services Command Reference (SA22-7802). - _BPXK_SETIBMOPT_TRANSPORT should specify the jobname of the TCPIP stack the CICS® Transaction Gateway can bind to; for more details see the z/OS Communications Server: IP Configuration Guide, SC31-8775.