Prerequisites for running the JCA IVT

Before running the JCA resource adapter installation verification test (IVT) ensure that the JEE application server is compatible, and that the necessary components have been installed and configured correctly. To complete these tasks, you should be able to create deployment plans for the chosen JEE application server, configure CICS® Transaction Gateway, and build and install CICS applications.

JEE application server compatibility

The JEE application server you intend using must have passed the JEE 6 or later, compatibility test suite. For more information see:


Complete the following tasks:

  • Compile and install the EC01 sample CICS COBOL program on the CICS server.
  • Ensure that the CICS Transaction Gateway resource adapter archive RAR file (cicseci.rar) is available.
  • Ensure that the JCA IVT enterprise archive (EAR) file is available and has the filename ECIIVT.ear.
  • Configure a CICS server connection for CICS Transaction Gateway.

The source for EC01 is shipped with CICS Transaction Gateway as a COBOL file in <install_path>/samples/server/ec01.ccp. Both the RAR files and the EAR files are shipped with the CICS Transaction Gateway in the <install_path>/deployable directory.

To ensure you have correctly configured the CICS Transaction Gateway, follow the instructions in Sample programsthe CICS Transaction Gateway for IBM® z/OS®: Developing Applications to run the EciB1 sample program. The sample program can be found in <install_path>/samples.