Deploying and configuring the JCA IVT

To deploy and configure the JCA IVT, you install the resource adapter archive file (.rar), define a connection factory, and set the connection factory properties. To do this, complete the following tasks:
  1. Install the ECI resource adapter (cicseci.rar) into your JEE application server. If you want to enable XA support, this can be done by setting the custom property xasupport on the connection factory.
  2. Define a connection factory that has the JNDI name set to ECI.
  3. Define the connection factory custom properties:
    Connection URL
    The URL of the CICS Transaction Gateway with which the resource adapter will communicate. In local mode, set the Connection URL to local:. In remote mode, set the Connection URL to protocol://address, where protocol is tcp or ssl.
    Port number
    In remote mode this is the TCP/IP or SSL port on which the Gateway daemon is configured to listen. Set the port number to the port number of the relevant Gateway daemon protocol handler.

    This property is not required in local mode.

    Server name
    The name of the CICS server to which CICS Transaction Gateway will connect.
    • For IPIC in local mode, set the Server Name to protocol://hostname:port where protocol is tcp or ssl.
    • For EXCI, set the server name to the CICS APPLID.
    • For all other configurations, set the server name to the server defined in the configuration file (ctg.ini).
  4. Install the application ECIIVT.ear. The ECIIVT.ear is located within the <install_path>/deployable directory.