Actions after installation

After installing the CICS® Transaction Gateway, you need to configure and test your installation using the following steps:

To configure and test your installation follow these steps:
  1. Configure your CICS Transaction Server for z/OS®; see Configuring CICS server connections.
  2. Configure your CICS Transaction Gateway by creating the following files:
    • ctg.ini (required only if running in remote mode)
    • ctg.env or ctgenvvar
    See Configuration parameter reference.
  3. Test your configuration; see Using the sample batch jobs to check your configurationTesting your configuration.

You must also configure the READ access to the BPX.SMF facility as part of installation and upgrading. The RACF and UNIX System Services (USS) documentation gives further details about this permission.

An attempt is always made to write end-of-day and shutdown statistics to SMF, regardless of whether the statsrecording parameter is on or off. A message is logged if this attempt fails.

To write to SMF, the user ID under which the Gateway daemon runs, must be permitted READ access to the BPX.SMF facility. An example of the syntax is shown here: