Multiple address spaces

When running the CICS® Transaction Gateway, multiple address spaces can be used for running the individual processes involved in starting the Gateway daemon.

If you want these processes to run in a single address space, take the following actions:
  • Set the _BPX_SHAREAS environment variable in STDENV to either YES or MUST.
  • Also ensure that the extended attribute for the shared address space on the ctgstart script has not been unset.
    1. To display the extended attributes for files, use the USS command ls -E
    2. To set the shared address space attribute on files use the USS command extattr +s
The following table shows the results of different combinations:
extattr setting _BPX_SHAREAS setting Result
+s YES Same address space
+s MUST Same address space
+s NO Separate address space
-s YES Separate address spaces
-s MUST CTGBATCH fails to start the Gateway daemon
-s NO Separate address spaces
(any) Not set Warning, separate address space

If you use CTGBATCH to run the Gateway daemon, and you have defined the environment variable AUTH_USERID_PASSWORD=YES to enforce user ID and password authentication, set environment variable _BPX_SHAREAS to YES and ensure that the SCTGLOAD library, and all other libraries in the STEPLIB have been defined as program controlled. For more details, see Configuring for client certificate mapping.

If you run the Gateway daemon from USS, and you have defined the environment variable AUTH_USERID_PASSWORD=YES, ensure that environment variable _BPX_SHAREAS is set to NO. This forces the Gateway daemon to run in a new program controlled address space.