License Metrics for CICS TG DE using ILMT

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a tool that helps you manage license allocation services on supported systems. ILMT recognizes and monitors the products that are in use on your system. Software License Metric (SLM) tag files provide a standardized capability for a product to report its consumption of license metrics.

This feature is applicable to the CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition only.

Here is a sample of .slmtag file:
        <Name>IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition</Name>
        <InstanceId>localhost/var/cicscli/IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition</InstanceId>
<Metric logTime="2022-04-06T15:19:38+01:00">
SLM tags contain:
  • A PersistentId that is version independent (it does not change between releases).
  • A InstanceId, Identifies instance of the software identity that provides metrics.
  • Name is used in the SLM tag for serviceability purposes only

CICS TG Desktop Edition generates a slmtag file during product installation and does not update it later. SLM tag files are stored in the CICS TG log directory. If someone deletes the slmtag file, then on a restart of CICS TG would generate the slmtag file.

Disk space requirements:

The current implementation of ILMT with CICS TG Desktop Edition allows "*.slmtag" files to store information up to 1KB, after which the file is archived and a new sim tag file is created. A maximum of two slmtag files are kept.

For more details, see Getting started