TCP protocol parameters

To enable the TCP protocol, add the name of the TCP protocol handler to the GATEWAY section of the configuration file.

Insert this line:
Follow it with this:;connecttimeout=<number>;dropworking;\
Entries for each protocol must be in the form shown:
  • Two lines are allowed for each protocol. You can split long lines by placing the backslash character \ after a semicolon.
  • The first line defines the protocol.
  • The second line defines the parameters.
  • Parameters are separated by a semicolon.
Entries correspond to fields in the TCP settings panel:
Table 1. TCP protocol
Entry in the ctg.ini file Description
bind Bind address
connecttimeout Connection timeout
dropworking Drop working connections
idletimeout Idle timeout
pingfrequency Ping frequency interval
port Port
requiresecurity Require Java Clients to use security classes
solinger SO_LINGER setting