Increasing the MAXCPUTIME value

MAXCPUTIME is the time limit (in seconds) for processes created by rlogind, telnetd, and other daemons.

When running from batch, the RACF user ID that starts the job is associated with a USS ID in the RACF OMVS segment. If you set CPUTIMEMAX in the OMVS segment for the RACF user ID, the Gateway daemon running under that ID takes the value specified for CPUTIMEMAX in the OMVS segment. If CPUTIMEMAX is not set in the OMVS segment, the system wide value for MAXCPUTIME that has been set in BPXPRMxx is used.

You can set a system-wide limit in BPXPRMxx and then set higher limits for individual users. Use the RACF® ADDUSER or ALTUSER command to specify the CPUTIMEMAX limit for individual processes.

If the volume of traffic is high, it might be necessary to change the MAXCPUTIME value in the BPXPRMxx member in SYS1.PARMLIB.

You can set this value on a user ID basis using the CPUTIMEMAX value in the OMVS segment of the RACF user ID profile. For more information, see IBM® z/OS® UNIX System Services Planning