IPIC Heartbeat interval

The heartbeatinterval parameter specifies the time, in seconds, between heartbeat requests to the CICS® server.

Set the value in the range 0 - 3600 to specify the heartbeat interval in seconds. Heartbeat requests are small requests which are sent to the CICS server when no other data has arrived on the connection for a period of time, if the CICS server supports heartbeat requests. If a response to a heartbeat request is not received within the heartbeat interval, the connection is closed, and if a server retry interval is configured, then an attempt will be made to reconnect after 1 second. To disable heartbeat requests, set the value of the heartbeatinterval parameter to 0.

This parameter is in the IPICSERVER section of the configuration file.

Default value
If this parameter is not specified, the default value is 30 seconds.