C# and Visual Basic EsiB1 sample based on Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core

This sample lists the CICS® servers defined on a CICS Transaction Gateway and allows you to select one. Using the ESI API, you then enter a user ID, and password or password phrase, for verification on the selected CICS server. Information about the account being used is displayed on the screen.

The sample is provided in C# and Visual Basic .NET. The C# sample is in <install_path>/samples/csharp/esi, and the Visual Basic .NET sample is in <install_path>/samples/vb/esi. You can compile the sample using Microsoft Visual Studio or from a Windows command prompt. A Microsoft Visual Studio project file is provided for each language.

To build the sample program from a command prompt, change to the appropriate directory and run the supplied command file EsiB1mak.cmd. The file compiles the program for Windows using the C# or Visual Basic .NET compiler which is provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core.

When compiled, you can execute the sample program using the following command:
EsiB1 [host name] [port number]