Configuring bidirectional data support

Use the Java™ system property to enable right-to-left bidirectional (bidi) data support.

When right-to-left bidirectional (bidi) data support is enabled, bidi data in CHAR containers is converted from logical order to visual right-to-left order before the data is sent to CICS®. The data is converted back from visual right-to-left order to logical order when the data is returned from CICS to CICS Transaction Gateway. For more information about bidi data support, see Bidirectional data support.

To enable right-to-left bidi text support use one of the following methods:
  • For Client applications running in remote mode, start CICS Transaction Gateway with the Java system property set to RTL. For example:
  • For Java Client applications running in local mode, set the Java system property to RTL. For example, the system property could be set as follows:
    java application
If you start CICS Transaction Gateway without the system property option described above, by default, bidi data support is off. However, you can explicitly turn off bidi support by specifying -