Highly available Gateway group

A highly available (HA) group is a Gateway group that uses TCP/IP load balancing. You can regard an HA group as a single logical Gateway daemon.

Gateway daemons are defined as belonging to a highly available (HA) group by definition of a common APPLID qualifier. The use of an APPLID qualifier must also be taken into account, when configuring IPIC server connectionsIPIC server connections.

Each Gateway daemon in an HA group must have identical configuration details for:
  • APPLID qualifier
  • TCP and SSL protocol handlers
  • IPIC server definitions
  • Logical CICS server names
  • CICS request exit configuration
  • Security settings
  • XA support

Gateway daemon instances can resolve XA transactions on behalf of other Gateway daemon instances in the same HA group. For more information, see Sysplex restrictionsSysplex restrictions.

For more information about configuring CICS Transaction Gateway in an HA group to support XA transactions see Configuring for XA transaction supportConfiguring for XA transaction support .