Using the resource adapters in a nonmanaged environment

You can use the resource adapters in a nonmanaged environment.

In this environment, you are responsible for:
  • Defining the EIS connection
  • Creating the ConnectionFactory object
  • Providing your own connection pooling
  • Supplying your log writer
  • Managing transactions

Your nonmanaged environment can be either inside, or outside, a JEE server environment. The resource adapters provide a default connection manager to support execution within the nonmanaged environment.

Transaction management applies only to the ECI resource adapter. See Transaction management for information on managing transactions in a nonmanaged environment.

Note: Nonmanaged JCA applications are not able to exploit XA transaction support. Usage of Container-Managed Transactions (CMT) or Bean-Managed Transactions (BMT) can only influence CICS interactions with managed mode JCA applications.