Gateway APPLID

The APPLID parameter identifies the instance of the CICS® Transaction Gateway on server connections, in messages and data output, and tasks in a CICSplex.

Set a value of up to eight characters. The value must be unique within the IBM® CICSPlex®. There is no restriction on the characters that can be used. However, to ensure that the applid parameter is valid for all scenarios, use characters in the range A through Z, and 0 through 9. If you do not set a value, the system automatically generates a unique value. The combination of the applid and applidqualifer parameters identifies CICS Transaction Gateway to the CICS system to which it connects.

The APPLID and applidqualifier parameters can be overridden on the ctgstart command. For more information, see Options on the ctgstart command.

This parameter is in the PRODUCT section of the configuration file.

Default value
There is no default value for this parameter.