Code page information

When using the application programming interfaces of the CICS® Transaction Gateway to start CICS programs, data conversion is an important consideration.

If the code page of the user application is different from the code page of the CICS server, or the byte order of binary data is in a different format, you might need to convert the data in a COMMAREA or container. For COMMAREA data, you can do this conversion by using CICS supplied data conversion capabilities on the CICS server, provided by the DFHCCNV program and controlled by the DFHCNV macro definitions. In this case all data conversion is performed on the CICS server. Alternatively, you can use the data marshalling utilities provided within your user application development environment.

If you are using local mode connection, you can specify code page using file.encoding property of JVM. Refer to the list of supported encodings for details.