Statistics C API trace levels

The CICS® Transaction Gateway statistics C API provides several levels of diagnostic trace information.

Trace levels

The CICS Transaction Gateway statistics C API can produce diagnostic trace information, depending on the trace level setting.

Each level automatically includes all the detail provided by the lower levels. For example, CTG_STAT_TRACE_LEVEL2 indicates that all events and exceptions will be traced.

Table 1. Statistics C API Trace Levels
Trace level Output details
CTG_STAT_TRACE_LEVEL0 No trace output.
CTG_STAT_TRACE_LEVEL1 Exceptions only.
CTG_STAT_TRACE_LEVEL3 Entries and exits.
CTG_STAT_TRACE_LEVEL4 Debug information.

The default trace destination is stderr. Use the function setAPITraceFile to choose a different trace destination.