Controlling IPIC connections

Options are available to control the availability of IPIC connections.

These options allow a connection to be stopped, preventing further work from being sent to the CICS® server. When the status is STOPPING or STOPPED, the connection can only be reconnected with a START command. New client requests will not trigger the Gateway daemon to reconnect.

To get help on these options, issue the following command:
Table 1. Commands for controlling IPIC connections.
Modify command Description

Start an IPIC server connection.

The Gateway daemon will attempt to connect to the CICS server and the status will become AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE.


Stop an IPIC server connection.

During a normal stop, new work to the IPIC server is not allowed to start. A normal stop has two phases:
  1. During the initiation phase, the Gateway daemon waits until all in-progress work on the connection has finished.
  2. During the completion phase, the Gateway Daemon stops the IPIC connection.
The following requests are accepted on the IPIC connection during the initiation phase of a normal stop:
  • ECI requests (SYNC or ASYNC) which continue a logical unit of work.
  • ECI requests (SYNC or ASYNC) which commit or back out a logical unit of work.
  • ECI and XA requests associated with in-flight XA transactions.

All other requests are rejected.

Outstanding logical units of work prevent the connection from stopping.


Immediately stop an IPIC server connection without waiting for work to complete.