Administering XA transactions with Resource Recovery Services

If communications between an application server and the CICS® Transaction Gateway are interrupted and XA transactions are in progress, some transactions might be left in an indoubt state. To resolve these issues, restore communication with the application server, and use the application server system to correct the state of the transactions.

If communication with the application server cannot be restored, use Resource Recovery Services (RRS) under the control of the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) to resolve any indoubt transactions. WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS® manages resources for local mode transactions; shut it down before attempting to use RRS.

A copy of the XID is available in the RRS ISPF panel. For more information about RRS, see Systems Programmers Guide to Resource Recovery Services (RRS)Systems Programmers Guide to Resource Recovery Services (RRS), SG24-6980-00.

The ISPF panels contain references to all the resource managers that are involved with a unit of recovery (UR). For XA requests, the name of the resource manager is based on the fully qualified APPLID of the Gateway daemon; it has a format of CICSTG.APPLIDQUALIFIER.APPLID. To identify all of the indoubt work from a gateway daemon instance, look for the work associated with the resource manager with the name CICSTG.APPLIDQUALIFIER.APPLID on the RRS panels.

If you attempt to manually back out CICS Transaction Gateway from RRS, and other resource managers are involved in a transaction, transactional integrity can be compromised.

Transactions that are initiated using the IPIC protocol are not viewable in RRS, and RRS configuration is not required for this protocol. For more information about IPIC queries on a CICS terminal, see Administering transactions that use IPIC connections.