Configuring request monitoring exits for the Gateway daemon

The requestexits parameter specifies a list of one or more classes that perform request monitoring.

Specify the fully qualified class names for a request monitor classes. You can define multiple classes by separating them with a comma. For example:,

You can use the -requestexits=exits option on the ctgservice command on Windows or the ctgstart command on UNIX and Linux to override the value of requestexits. For more information, see Command reference.

This parameter is in the GATEWAY section of the configuration file.

Default value
There is no default value for this parameter.
Configuration Tool
In the Configuration Tool, you can set the value of requestexits using the Use these request monitors field in the Monitoring tab of the Gateway daemon settings page. Enter the fully qualified class name for a request monitor class in the field, and then click Add to add the class name to the list. To remove a class, select the class name in the list and click Remove.
Note: Start of changeStatistics and Monitoring exits are not guaranteed to be accurate when a CICS Intercept plug-in is enabled. The CICS Request exit will not be called when a CICS Intercept plug-in does not allow a request to continue. For more information, see Configuring for application testing.End of change

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