Virtual machines backup

Follow these steps to backup a virtual machine:

  1. Go to the Virtual Machines window.

  2. Select the virtual machine that you want to back up.

  3. Enter the virtual machine detail page.

  4. Click Backup.

  5. Click Create Backup.

  6. Input the backup name in the Create VM Backup

  7. Click Create to create backup.

  8. Wait until the backup is in Available status and to use it.

Note: Virtual machine backup supports only virtual machine that booted from an IBM Storage Scale volume on a KVM host. The virtual machine backup is based on the OpenStack cinder backup of consistent group (instance group) of the virtual machine.

Note: For attached data volumes of a virtual machine, only IBM Storage Scale data volumes that are put in the instance group of the virtual machine are supported to be backup with the virtual machine. Other types volumes of storage providers such as IBM Storage DS8000 and IBM Storage FlashSystem or volume not in the instance group cannot be backed up together with the virtual machine.

Note: Virtual machine backup backs up only the data that is written to the disk, it cannot back up any data from the memory.