Virtual machine deployed from captured image failed with invalid snapshot


Deploy an instance with a captured image, but the IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center reported errors like:

Deploy of virtual machine rhel82_bfv_capture_1 on host fakeHostName failed with exception: Build of instance a01f181a-e35c-41a1-9dcd-51eaf2938576 aborted: Invalid input received: Invalid snapshot: Originating snapshot status must be one of 'available' values


The problem can be recreated by using the following steps:

  1. Capture an image from a running instance which is booted from DS8K volumes.

  2. Deploy a new virtual machine immediately with the captured image. The time interval between the completion of the capture and deployment is less than a few minutes.

  3. Deployment failed with the previous errors.

This Problem is because the DS8K storage is still processing the snapshot in the background, sometimes the snapshot may take a few minutes to complete.


Wait a few minutes and try again.