Planning for Local Storage on z/VM®

IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center supports the ability to allocate disks from z/VM DIRMAINT dasd group, so you must have a dasd group that is defined to allow IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center to carve minidisks from.

This dasd group would be used to allocate minidisks as:

  • root disk of the virtual machine. (Using volume as root disk is also supported, refer to Boot From Volume)

  • ephemeral or swap disk of the virtual machine

For how to create dasd group, refer to Directory Maintenance Facility for z/VM.

Note: Because z/VM minidisk can stay on only one z/VM volume, so for ECKD or FBA disk type, the maximum size of one root (when deployed on local storage as root disk) or ephemeral or swap disk of the deployed virtual machine depends on the maximum available volume size in the dasd group. For example, if the disk type is 3390-9, which is around 7.93G, then the size for one disk can't exceed 7.93G (you can create multiple disks).

Note: IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center administrator needs to make sure the configured DIRMAINT dasd group exists before proceeding with further action, for how to configure and check the DIRMAINT dasd group, check the compute_disk_pool at installing.