Editing a network

You can update network information in IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center.

Follow the upcoming steps to edit a network:

  1. On the Networks page, select the target network that you want to edit, and click the Edit Network button.

  2. On the Edit Network page that you are redirected to, you find that content in Name, MTU, the Shared across projects and External Network checkboxes are editable. Edit these properties, as needed.

  3. On the right part of the Edit Network page, you can edit the subnet information. Select one subnet, click the Edit Subnet button. Then you are redirected to an Edit Subnet page. The contents in the Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Starting IP address, Ending IP address input boxes are editable. Edit these properties, as needed. Then click the Edit button to go back to Edit Network page.

  4. For the z/VM hypervisor, you are allowed to add more subnets to this network on Edit Network page. Click the Add Subnet button, and complete information, as needed. Then click the Add button to go back to the Edit Network page.

  5. Click the Save button to save your changes to the network.


  • The changes apply to future deployments, only, that use this network. Existing deployments continue to use the network properties as at the time of deployment.

  • For the z/VM hypervisor, you are allowed to add a subnet to the edited network. Edit the existing subnets in the network.

  • For the KVM hypervisor, you can only edit the existing subnet in the edited network.

  • Editing the External Network checkbox from checked to unchecked might fail when the network is associated with a router.

  • When the External network checkbox is checked, the Shared across projects checkbox needs to be checked too. Otherwise, deploying with this network by non-admin users encounters errors.

  • For both the z/VM hypervisor and the KVM hypervisor, you are not allowed to delete any subnet from the network on the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center UI.

  • For more information about MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), refer to Adding a Network