Non-root user authorization on IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

During IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center installation, the user root on the Linux operating system of management node is assigned the administrator role on the ibm-default project. The root user can log in to IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center and start to perform operations such as assigning roles to other users.

However, there might be cases where a non-root user must be able to log in to IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center login, such as when a root user is disabled on the system.

Follow these steps to create a new operating systems user.

  1. Create an operating systems user and password.

    • useradd new_user

    • passwd new_user


    • Do not set password that starts or ends with space. For example, " xxx" or "xxx ".

    • It is recommended to restrict the users who can ssh into the system by tuning the operating system settings.

  2. Add the new user to the icic-filter group

    • usermod -G icic-filter new_user

Follow step 1 and 2 to create more OS users who are visible in IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center. The new user can now log in to the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center user interface. To assign roles to the newly created users, in the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center user interface, from the Configuration page, select Users and Groups, then select a user.

Additionally, to assign the administrator role to the new user, run the following command.

  • icic-config identity repository -t os --user new_user

For information about configuring IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center to manage users or groups from an LDAP server, see Configuring LDAP