Edit security groups of a virtual machine(RHEL KVM only)

For a RHEL KVM virtual machine, the IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center allows you to edit the security groups associated with it.

In the virtual machine's detail page, on the Network Interfaces grid, there is a column that is named Security Groups showing the security groups currently associated with this virtual machine. You can click the shown security group's name directly to check its rules.

If you want to edit security groups of the virtual machine, click the Edit Security Groups button on the top of the virtual machine's detail page. In the popped Edit Security Groups dialog, you can see the security groups that currently attached to this virtual machine, also with the security groups that currently not attached but available to be attached.

Selecting any row of the security groups, and click Attach Security Group or Detach Security Group button to attach to the virtual machine or detach from a virtual machine.

After editing, the changes are dynamically applied to the virtual machine, as well as reflected in the Network Interfaces grid.