Linux requirements

This topic lists the requirements for a Linux server to be captured and deployed by IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center:

  1. Guest Operating System Support for Linux

  2. The Linux server that is used as the source of the captured image must meet the following criteria:

    • To prevent data loss, IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center supports only deploying an image to a disk larger than or equal to the source image's root disk size. The image's root disk size can be obtained by:

      qemu-img info <image_path>

      The virtual size in the output represents the size of the root disk. The following is an example for an image made from a server with a root disk size of 3.0G.

      [root@tstcomp ~]# qemu-img info rhel77_scsi.qcow2
      image: rhel77_scsi.qcow2
      file format: qcow2
      virtual size: 3.0G (3221225472 bytes)
      disk size: 1.4G
      cluster_size: 65536
      Format specific information:
          compat: 1.1
          lazy refcounts: false
          refcount bits: 16
          corrupt: false