Introduction of the operation manager

The IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) is a collection of utilities and services that are designed to facilitate user operation of clusters like installation, upgrade, backup, and restore.

To access the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center Operations Manager CLI, open a terminal on the primary node.

The following list of subcommands is available under icic-opsmgr and their descriptions. For instructions how to use the command, open a terminal and enter the command name followed by --help. For example, icic-opsmgr --help.

Table 1. IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center Operations Manager CLI and descriptions

Subcommand Description
add_nodes Use this operation to move from single node to multinode.
apply_ifix Apply iFix against all/subset of nodes in management node cluster.
backup / restore Run icic-opsmgr backup and icic-opsmgr restore subcommands respectively for backup and restore.
config Manage IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center Opsmgr configuration settings such as IP address, users, and so on.
install Runs prerequisites on nodes by using command icic-opsmgr install -c <cluster_name> -p. Performs check on all installation prerequisites. To start installation, run icic-opsmgr install -c <cluster_name> command.
inventory When creating an inventory by using the hostname, make sure that it exactly matches the VM hostname. Captures and lists all inventory information. To create inventory, run icic-opsmgr inventory -c <cluster_name> command.
replace_node In a case where a node is unusable or the node is down, this operation supports replacing it with a new node by forcibly removing a node and attempting a new deployment with the new node’s information added to inventory.
resync_node Use this operation to resync conf files post recovery of a node.
show Show details about requested entity.
status Check Multinode Status of IBM Cloud Infrastructure Cluster.
uninstall Uninstall IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center management plane.