Failed to save data to Swift Object Storage


When you store data to Swift Object Storage, for example: upload an image or create volume backup, an HttpException with return code 500 is raised. Then, the image cannot be uploaded or a Cinder volume cannot be backed up successfully. Here is an example:

# openstack image create --disk-format=qcow2 --file=rhel88_lvm_xfs_scsi.qcow2 rhel88_scsi_zvm
HttpException: 500: Server Error for url:, Internal Server Error

When you check log /var/log/swift/swift.log on all management nodes, you can see some errors like ERROR Insufficient Storage.


It is caused by the limited Swift storage space. You can check the available size of the Swift storage on all management nodes with commnd:

df -h /srv/node/paritition1

If the available size is insufficient for the data that is to be stored, then it raises the error.


All the management nodes should have enough available space. You can refer to How to extend Swift storage size or switch Swift storage from loop device to LVM.