IBM Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime Configuration

The IBM Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime configuration parameters are listed in the following table. You can configure the parameters in the custom resource file<version>_ibmcfmrprod_cr.yaml before installation.

Parameter Description Default
global.image.repository Global image repository. Overrides image.repository ``
global.image.pullSecret Global image pull secret. ``
image.repository Docker repository cfmr-installer
image.tag Docker image tag {check custom resources file}
image.digest Docker image digest {check custom resources file}
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy Always
action Action to perform by installer. Available actions are install, check, verify, upgrade install
features.cfoVersion CF-Operator version {check custom resources file}
features.cfmrVersion Cloud Foundry Migration version {check custom resources file}
features.stratosVersion Stratos UI version {check custom resources file}
features.storageClass Specified name of storage class ~
features.enableHighAvailability Enable highly available installation of cfmr false
features.ldap.enableIntegration Enable LDAP integration with cfmr false
features.ldap.bindDN LDAP bind DN - Leave blank if search can be performed without a bind_dn ~
features.ldap.bindPassword LDAP bind DN - Leave blank if search can be performed without a bind_dn ~ Base attribute to map - Example: dn ~ Name attribute to map - Example: cn ~
features.ldap.attributes.preferredUsername Preferred user name to map - Example: uid ~
features.ldap.ipAddress IP address of the LDAP server ~
features.ldap.port Port of the LDAP server ~
features.ldap.filterParams LDAP filter parameters for OpenShift to search for users - Example: ou=users,dc=..,dc=..?uid ~
features.ldap.userDN Entire LDAP admin CN information here - Example: cn=LDAPadmin,dc=..,dc=.. ~
features.ldap.userPassword Entire LDAP admin CN information here - Example: cn=LDAPadmin,dc=..,dc=.. ~
features.ldap.searchBase Main base DN information ~
features.ldap.searchFilter LDAP search filter for UAA to search user information - Example: uid{0} ~
features.ldap.groups.groupSearchFilter The LDAP group search filter for UAA to search for member users in a group - Example: memberUid{0} ~
features.ldap.groups.maxSearchDepth Maximum group search depth - Example: 15 ~
features.ldap.groups.searchBase LDAP group search base - the base DN to start the group search ~
features.ldap.ccAdminFilter CN for cloudcontroller.admin group - This is for UAA to add this as a group for external users ~
features.multiEnvironments Enabled multiple environments to be setup. For example, dev test will create two environments dev-cfmr and test-cfmr ~
features.stack Stack definition deployed is eithercflinuxfs3 or ubi. cflinuxfs3
features.embeddedDatabase.enabled Enable the embedded database. If this is disabled, then features.externalDatabase should be configured to use an external database true
features.externalDatabase.enabled Enable the external database. If this is enabled, then features.embeddedDatabase must be disabled false
features.externalDatabase.requireSSL Require secure SSL connection to external database ~
features.externalDatabase.caCert External database CA certificate ~
features.externalDatabase.type External database type; it can be either 'mysql' or 'postgres' ~ External database host name ~
features.externalDatabase.port External database port number ~ UAA database name uaa
features.externalDatabase.databases.uaa.password UAA database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.uaa.username UAA database username ~ CC database name cc CC database password ~ CC database username ~ BBS database name bbs
features.externalDatabase.databases.bbs.password BBS database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.bbs.username BBS database username ~ Routing API database name routing-api
features.externalDatabase.databases.routingApi.password Routing API database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.routingApi.username Routing API database username ~ Policy server database name network_policy
features.externalDatabase.databases.policyServer.password Policy server database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.policyServer.username Policy server database username ~ Silk controller database name network_connectivity
features.externalDatabase.databases.silkController.password Silk controller database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.silkController.username Silk controller database username ~ Locket controller database name locket
features.externalDatabase.databases.locket.password Locket controller database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.locket.username Locket controller database username ~ Credhub controller database name credhub
features.externalDatabase.databases.credhub.password Credhub controller database password ~
features.externalDatabase.databases.credhub.username Credhub controller database username ~
features.customDomain Custom Domain to set for CFMR ~
features.customCertNamespace Namespace where the custom certificate user for routes is placed openshift-ingress
features.customCertSecret Secret name which contains the custom certificate used for routes default
features.chartRepository Helm Chart Repository used for air-gapping capability ~
features.chartRepositoryName Helm Chart Repository Name used for air-gapping capability ~
features.persiBrokerRWXstorageClass Specified name of persistence broker RWX storage class ~
features.persiBrokerRWOstorageClass Specified name of persistence broker RWO storage class ~
features.cfmrNodeSelectorLabel Node label to be used for CFMR deployment. If empty, CFMR would be deployed onto any available node in the cluster ~
features.cfmrNodeSelectorLabelValue Node label value to be used for CFMR deployment. If empty, CFMR would be deployed onto any available node in the cluster ~
features.console.database.enabled Enable UI External Database false
features.console.database.database UI Database name. Defaulted to 'console' console
features.console.database.user UI Database user. Defaulted to 'console' console
features.console.database.userPassword UI Database user password. Leave password blank to auto-generate ~
features.console.database.rootPassword UI Database root password. Leave password blank to auto-generate (not needed for external database) ~ UI Database host ~
features.console.database.port UI Database Port. Override port (default 3306) (when using an external database) ~
features.console.database.tls UI Database TLS Mode. Can be true, false, skip-verify or preferred ~
features.console.database.type UI Database type. Default is 'mysql' ~
resources.requests.cpu Installer job CPU request 1000m
resources.requests.memory Installer job memory request 2Gi
resources.limits.cpu Installer job CPU limit 2000m
resources.limits.memory Installer job memory limit 4Gi
rbac.create Create roles and bind to created cfmr installer job service account true
rbac.existingServiceAccount Name of existing service account to use ``