Changing a database password without restarting the application server

When you implement a database password change, you can reduce downtime by performing a live refresh of the application server.

Before you begin

Enable admin mode on all clusters in your environment.


The following steps configure the application server to enable the live refresh functionality. The application server needs to be configured only once.

  1. Create a directory that the application server can access. Copy the to that location. You can rename the copied file if you prefer.
  2. In the application server, add the JVM argument and set the value to the location of the properties file from step 1. For example,\properties\
  3. Restart the application server.

The following steps must be performed each time that you update the administrative database account password.

  1. Update the file with new value for the mxe.db.password property and encrypt the file if necessary. If encrypting, use the –p argument to specify the current password, since the utility requires a current database connection.
  2. Copy the file to the location specified in the argument.
  3. Enable Admin mode.
  4. In the administrative console for the database, change the database password for the user or users.
  5. In the Database Configuration application, run the Reload Database Connection action.
  6. Once complete, turn off Admin Mode. For clustered environments, the update is pushed to the other nodes, which will take additional time. A node will not be able to come out of Admin mode if the refresh is incomplete.

What to do next

In a clustered environment, the new file needs to be accessible by all the members in the cluster and you must configure the application server on each node.