Planning Analytics plug-in configuration

A Planning Analytics server computing resource must be configured to use the plug-in. This resource type represents an IBM® Cognos® TM1® 10.2.2 or higher server instance.


When using the Planning Analytics plug-in to work with HTTPS for the TM1 REST API, you must add the TM1 server certificate to the Command Center Agent Java™ JRE. The following is an example using the keytool application found in ccc_install_dir\common\java.6.0.16\jre\bin\:

keytool.exe -importcert -alias "TM1Server" -file tm1_server_certificate -keystore ccc_install_dir\common\java.6.0.16\jre\lib\security\cacerts -storepass changeit

The following table shows the arguments for the configuration of the IBM Cognos TM1 server computing resource.

Table 1. Configuration of the IBM Cognos TM1 server computing resource
Argument Description
Agent The agent that runs all tasks that are related to this resource.
Home directory The directory to use when you process tasks on this resource.
Server endpoint The TM1 server endpoint.
User name The TM1 user name.
Password The TM1 password.
CAM namespace This value is only needed if the TM1 server authenticates using CAM (Cognos Access Manager).
Steps to export the TM1 SSL certificate needed for the Keytool action
  1. On the TM1 server machine, go to Start > Run ant type mmc.exe.
  2. Click File > Add/remove SnapIn.
  3. Select Certificates and click Add.
  4. Select the Computer account option.
  5. Click Finish, then OK.
  6. Click Other People > Certificates and look for the TM1 server certificate.
  7. Export the certificate in Base-64 encoded X.509 (CER) format.
  8. Use the exported certificate for keytool import into ccc java cacerts.