Developer Console

The MCMP Developer Console helps client-side technical users to run the APIs necessary to perform many of the functions needed for setup and administration. Additionally, all MCMP users can generate and revoke API keys and try out any of the APIs. Users with appropriate access permissions can execute any corresponding APIs. For example, System Admins can execute the APIs that correspond to their role, and Budget Admins can execute the APIs corresponding to their role. The Devloper Console also enables users to acquire a bearer token for temporary API access.

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Users access the Developer Console by clicking the user icon in the upper-right corner of the MCMP portal screen and selecting Developer Console.

Generate or revoke an API key

To generate or revoke an API key:

  1. Click the API Key tab in the Developer Console.
  2. Click Generate to generate a new API key. Click Revoke to revoke the existing API key.

Try out an API

To try out an API:

  1. Click the API Documentation tab in the Developer Console.
  2. Select an application and a service from the corresponding dropdown lists. The API list displays all of the APIs for the application and service you selected by type.
  3. Click an API in the list.
  4. Click the Try it out button on the right side of the screen. Any user can try out the API. Users with access permissions set up for a given API can execute the API.

Execute an API

To execute an API:

  1. Try out the API by following the above steps.
  2. When the parameters display, make your selections and any payload edits. Options depend on the API selected.
  3. Click the Execute button. A response code and description displays beneath the Execute button.