Rule steps do not run if processing timeout value is too low

Rule steps might not run if the processing timeout value for the rules component queue is too low.


In Case Manager Client, you view the details of the task that contains the rule step and see that the task failed with the error Work Performer Exception:null. In addition, the following error message is written to the pesvr_system.log file during rule execution:

CMExecute[1].int2vm13cmtosuser.FNTARGETDS_1 .ICM_RuleOperations.P8Admin [ LOAN1_PoorCreditRating: 93A2C03B20B4314BA02B16087B5BFC3C:Workflow: executeRule] FAILED.; Exception: java.lang.InterruptedException
at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
at java.lang.Object.wait(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.ruleset.internal.IlrRulesetProvider.getRuleset(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.spi.IlrManagedXUConnection.createEngineManager(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.spi.IlrManagedXUConnection.getEngineManager(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.spi.IlrManagedXUConnection.getXURulesetArchiveInformation(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.cci.IlrXUConnection.getXURulesetArchiveInformation(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.cci.IlrXUInteraction.getRulesetInformation(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.cci.IlrXUInteraction.dispatchExecution(
at ilog.rules.res.xu.cci.IlrXUInteraction.execute(


The process timeout setting for the ICM_RuleComponent queue is too low.

Resolving the problem

If you encounter this problem, set the processing timeout value for the rules component queue to a higher value, such as 120000 milliseconds (2 minutes). You might need to set a higher value depending on the workload of Content Platform Engine. By default, the timeout value is 60000 milliseconds.

To set the processing timeout value for the rules component queue:

  1. In Process Configuration Console, select the appropriate connection point.
  2. Click Component Queues > ICM_RuleOperations.
  3. In the Component Properties window, click the Adapter tab and modify the value of the Processing Timeout (ms) field.
Tip: When you migrate a solution that contains business rules to another development or production environment, use the rules component processing timeout setting in the source environment as a guideline when you set the rules component processing timeout setting in the target environment. However, you might be able to use lower timeout values when you migrate from development to production environments because production environments are typically faster than development environments. After you adjust the timeout value, ensure that you test the system to ensure that the adjusted value is appropriate for the system.