Enabling queue statistics monitoring for the queue manager of IBM MQ

By default, the queue statistics are not collected and are not displayed on any predefined dashboards or group widgets. However, you can enable the agent to collect statistics for the queue manager and then view the collected data.

Before you begin

Ensure the WebSphere® MQ agent is installed and configured. For information, see Configuring the WebSphere MQ agent.


Complete the following steps to enable the WebSphere MQ agent to collect statistics data:

  1. Configure the queue manager to collect queue statistics information. Run the following MQSC command:
  2. Set the interval over which the accounting data is collected. Run the following command:
    Where n is the number of seconds over which the accounting data is collected.
  3. Enable statistics information collection for a specific queue. Run the following MQSC command:
    ALTER QLOCAL(queue_name) STATQ(QMGR)
    Where queue_name is the name of the queue for which you want to collect statistics information.

What to do next

Use one of the following methods to view the MQ Queue statistics monitoring data:
  • View the monitoring data from the Attribute Details tab of MQ_Queue_Statistics Data Set. For more information about the Attribute Details tab, see Creating a custom chart or table page.
  • Define the thresholds based on Expired Message Count and other metrics of MQ_Queue_Statistics. For more information about thresholds, see Thresholds and resource groups.