IBM Performance Management

Common Agent Builder procedures

The following table lists the main procedures you can complete with Agent Builder.

You can use Agent Builder to create agents for the IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring and IBM Performance Management environments. You can also use it to create application support extensions for the Tivoli Monitoring environment. Application support extensions are created by creating workspaces and situations to enhance one or more existing agents.

Before using Agent Builder, you must install it. For instructions, see Installing and starting Agent Builder.

To create, test, and use an agent, complete the following procedures:
Table 1. Quick-reference information for creating agents
Goal Refer to

1. Create an agent by using the Agent wizard.

2. Create data sources and attributes for your agent.

Important: For a Performance Management environment, a summary dashboard can display up to approximately five attributes; one of the attributes must denote overall agent or subnode status.

3. For the Tivoli Monitoring environment, create workspaces and situations for your agent.

4. For the Performance Management environment, create resource definitions and dashboards for your agent.

5. For the Tivoli Monitoring environment, create Cognos® data models for reports for your agent.

6. Test and debug your created agent, ensuring the availability of monitoring information.

7. Generate an installation package and install the agent on the monitored host.

8. Remove an agent that you created with the Agent Builder.

You can also use Agent Builder for packaging custom workspaces, situations, and Take Action commands as application support extensions for existing agents. This functionality is available only for the Tivoli Monitoring environment:
Table 2. Quick-reference information for other functions
Goal Refer to

1. Create custom workspaces, situations, and Take Action commands.

2. Package your application support extension.

3. Build custom bundles.