IBM Performance Management

Specifying severity for an attribute used as a status indicator

In an IBM® Performance Management environment, a summary dashboard must display a status. You must use an attribute to provide the status value. For this attribute, you must specify values that denote specific status severity.

About this task

The attribute that is used for status indication must be numeric. Select this attribute in the Dashboard Setup wizard; for instructions about using this wizard, see Preparing the agent for IBM Performance Management.

You can specify values for the attribute that correspond to the Normal, Warning, and Critical severity. Any other value denotes an "Unknown" severity status; you can also define some values as "Not defined" explicitly, and the "Unknown" status uis displayed for these values.


  1. Select the attribute that you want to edit. The Attribute Information pane of the page is updated to show the properties for the selected attribute.
  2. At the bottom of the Attribute Information pane, click the Severity tab.
  3. Select the necessary severity (Normal, Warning, Critical, and Not defined) and click Edit.
  4. Select Range or Single number, enter the range of values or the single numeric value, and click Ok.
  5. Optional: if you need to add another value for the same severity (for example, both 2 and 25 denote Warning), click Add. Select the severity, enter the value, and click Ok,