Installing the DataDirect Hive ODBC driver

The Campaign Hive integration supports two drivers: DataDirect driver for Apache Hive or the Cloudera ODBC driver. This topic explains how to install the DataDirect driver for Apache Hive, which is a fully compliant ODBC driver that supports multiple Hadoop distributions.

Before you begin

KornShell (ksh) must be installed on the IBM® Campaign listener (analytic) server.


  1. Obtain the Progress DataDirect Connect ODBC driver (Progress DataDirect Connect64(R) for ODBC Release 7.1.5) for Apache Hadoop Hive:
  2. Download and install the DataDirect Hive driver on the IBM Campaign listener (analytic server):


    [DataDirectNew]# gunzip PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CONNECT64_ODBC_7.1.5_LINUX_64.tar.Z

    [DataDirectNew]# tar -xvf PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CONNECT64_ODBC_7.1.5_LINUX_64.tar

  3. Run the following command to start the installation:

    >> ksh ./unixmi.ksh

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  5. Perform basic testing of the driver:

    >> ./ddtestlib /opt/Progress/DataDirect/Connect64_for_ODBC_71/lib/