System requirements

Review the minimum system requirements for setting up and running the middleware Content Runtime within a virtual machine.

Hardware requirements

You must meet the following hardware minimum requirements:

Supported operating systems and platforms

The following operating systems and platforms are supported.

Network requirements

Port information for Content Runtime virtual machine

The following table lists the suggested settings for network and firewall:

Table 1. Port Information for Content Runtime
Network Environment Private IP Only Port Details
Private Yes Allow the following access for all sources on private interface:
- TCP 8888 (non-secure software repository)
- TCP 9999 (secure software repository)
- TCP 5443 (pattern manager port)

Chef Versions

The following Chef Server and Client versions have been validated to be used for IBM provided cookbooks within CAM.

Docker and Docker Compose Versions

VMWare ESXi Configuration

On an ESX/ESXi host, enable Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client, configure NTP Server, and ensure that the NTP Service is running.