IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (Cloud APM)

IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (Cloud APM) is a comprehensive solution that helps you manage the performance and availability of applications that are deployed on premises (private), in a public cloud, or as a hybrid combination. This solution provides you with visibility, control, and automation of your applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficient use of resources.

By using this solution, you manage your data center, cloud infrastructure, and workloads with cognitive intelligence. You can reduce and prevent outages and slowdowns around the clock in a hybrid application world as Cloud APM assists you in moving from identifying performance issues to isolating where the problem is occurring and diagnosing issues before your business is impacted.

Many resources in your environment can be monitored by agents. You can install the agents or data collectors, depending on your environment and requirements. Data collectors send data directly to the Cloud APM server. When an agent is configured, data collectors send data to the agent, which forwards it to the server. Data collectors operate within the application process space, whereas agents run as a separate process outside the application process space.

Each agent and data collector monitors the resources for which the agent or the data collector is named, for example, the Monitoring Agent for Cisco UCS monitors Cisco UCS resources.